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Test Automation Services | Automated Functional Testing Web Applications | Specialist in all Automation Tools


Realize the real benefits of Test Automation

Increased frequencies of online software updates / release cycles of newer software application make “regression automation” a must. It also generates remarkable challenges for the software Testing/QA team. To get it done with reduced time and cost is the primary concern of many software development firms.

Indium’s offshore software test automation services adopt very high standards for script development & documentation. Our IP led solutions helps companies to meet the test automation objectives at a faster pace and in an effective manner. Based on the type of application and test cases, Indium brings together best practices of different automation frameworks, wherein, the test management tools are integrated with automation tool. Eventually, this helps to achieve reliability and faster test execution as well as easy maintenance of the automated test scripts. These test automation solutions help firms to reap the benefits of automation at a faster pace and in an effective manner.


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Where do you stand in
test automation readiness?

Find out in 2′

Indium’s Offshore Test Lab adopts appropriate framework for optimal automation. Typical elements of the Test Automation Framework include

Test Script Modularity

Test Script Modularity

Test Library Architecture

Test Library Architecture

Data-Driven Testing

Data-Driven Testing

Keyword-Driven testing

Keyword-Driven or Table-Driven Testing

Hybrid Test Automation

Hybrid Test Automation

Indium’s consultants, at a broad level, follow the methodology below


Client’s Sign- Off

  • Understanding Document
  • Automation Test Plan
  • Estimation & Schedule
  • Unit Pricing (Perscript) or Packaged Pricing

Automation Readiness

1 to 2 weeks Begin
Test Automation

  • Test Case Feasibility report
  • Test Automation Plan
  • Recommendation for turning exiting automation framework
  • Regression Test Results

Test Suite Optimization & Enhancements

Test Script

  • Continuous improvement to regression test suite
Outsourced Test Automation Services

Indium’s Outsourced Test Automation Services offer

  • A robust test automation frameworks such as iSAFE, iMobi and iFACT
  • Test automation suite that is consistent, reliable and maintainable with proof of concept
  • An effective reporting of automated test execution results
  • End to end software Application/Product automation development
  • Traceability of test scripts for test cases
  • An effective defect reporting integration with Test Management tools

Tools Used

Functional Test

UFT/QTP, Silk Test, Test Complete, VSTS 2010, Test Partner, Eggplant, Ranorex, Telerik, Flexmonkey, SilkMobile, SeeTest, SoapUIpro

Scripting Languages

Perl and Shell, VBScript, Java, .Net, C#, Ruby, Acrion based basic scripting, Python

Open Source

Selenium/iSAFE, Appium/iSAFE, Robot framework, AutoIT, Genie, Sikuli, Cucumber

Test Management

Test Director/Quality Centre, Bugzilla, Mantis, Jira, TFS, TestLink, Silk Central Test Manager (SCTM)


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