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Application Performance Testing Services | Cloud Server Performance Testing | USA


Indium’s solution around Performance & Load testing services are delivered to validate the quality attribute of a web based solution in terms of speed (response time), scalability, reliability and interoperability. In today’s competitive environment, customer’s expectations demand faster and error-free performance

The primary goal of performance testing services include establishing the benchmark behavior of the system. It is focused on addressing performance issues in the design and architecture of software product.

Indium’s Performance Testing service evaluates the compliance of an application/product with performance requirements and focuses on addressing the performance issues with specific to design and architecture of the product/software applications.

Performance Testing Services Portfolio

Load Testing

Stress/ Scalability/ Capacity Testing

Spike and Synchronization Testing

Performance Benchmarking

Soak and Reliability Testing

Network Bandwidth Verification

Performance Tuning and Diagnostics

load and Performance testing services

Indium’s Outsourced Performance Testing Service helps to

  • Handle the load of defined concurrent users
  • Bring the response times within acceptable limits
  • Find bottlenecks in the Application/Product that can be fine-tuned
  • Provide the level of scalability for your architecture
  • Optimize the performance of Application Server and Database Server
  • Plan for proactive maintenance

web application performance testing

Eventually, this answers the following questions

How quickly pages load?
How fast transactions can be completed?
How often your site is down?
What is the speed at which your customers can find and process information on your site?

Performance Test – Tools Used

Load Testing

QA Load, Load Runner, Compuware- Gomez, Silk Performer, Test Complete, SOASTA, VSTS 2010, JMeter

Server Monitoring

Test Director/Quality Centre,Bugzilla, Mantis, Jira, TFS, TestLink, Silk Central Test Manager (SCTM)


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