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Managed Software Testing Services USA | MTS Framework


With the evolution of IT industry over the years, to run business and their supporting IT, gaining in-depth knowledge of departments and companies along the various functions are required. Furthermore, cost efficiency concerns put high pressure on executives who try to focus on their core proficiencies and hand over non- core tasks to experts.


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Managed Testing

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To lessen those risks while reducing cost, Indium delivers Managed Testing Services. Managed Test Services is fully customizable end-to-end, service, where we take charge for test activities at the enterprise level.

Indium’s Managed Testing Services (MTS) delivers the test organization, methods and environment to address major testing challenges and achieve finest results.

We at Indium provide a wide- range of on-shore, off-shore testing and QA services to its clients.

Offering a full range of software testing solutions and services, Indium’s Managed Testing Services help sustain constancy, decrease cost and increase efficiency. Indium’s Managed Testing Services work together with clients to provide high-performing, cost effective testing solutions that helps in quicker delivery, improved quality and boosting the support across collection of business applications.

Indium Managed Testing Services

Some features of Indium’s Managed Testing Services

  • Long term partnership
  • Output-based delivery
  • Customer is relieved of testing responsibility
  • Provision of continuous measured improvement

Indium’s Managed Testing provides a structure that consists of planned resources (process, people and technology) committed to the testing needs of your organization, produces collaborations and increases efficiencies to deliver business value.

Testing management services framework

Our MTS solution delivers the following concrete benefits

  • Reduce Testing Costs: Indium constructs pricing for managed testing treaties around a 30% cost savings model. By using our proven methodology, best practices, and extensive use of tools with years of field experience, we achieve these savings for you
  • We Take Responsibility for Quality: Indium takes charge for the quality of your applications
  • Reduce Test Cycle Time: Indium picks business methods that will benefit most from automation based on key criteria such as risk, testing frequency, and predictable results. For these business processes, we apply our automation framework and methodology to condense days of work into hours – saving 50 to 75% of time that would normally be required
  • On-demand Flexibility: Indium meets your project goals by providing QA experts when you need them. New implementations and major releases require resources and a strong process. If the project requires a quick ramp up/ramp down, Avnet HPSS can quickly mobilize resources; deploy processes and tools to conduct testing using an approach that increases scalability and efficiency while decreasing the application’s time-to-market


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