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Game QA Testing Services Company | Indium Software


Indium is an Independent Software Testing firm with extensive focus on Game QA Testing. With over 150 Game Testers, we work with game Developers and Publishers in both US and Europe offering end-to-end Game QA services from our delivery center in Bangalore, India.

Our Gaming “Centre of Excellence” focuses on game testing of Console, Handheld, PC and Mobile device based games over a broad range of test types – from Functional testing to Usability and Destructive testing. We use both commercial and open source test tools to ensure accurate and timely test execution and bug reporting.

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Game Testing Service Portfolio

Games Functionality Testing

Game Certification Testing

Network Performance Testing

Stress and Load Testing

Device Compatibility Testing

Game Compliance Testing

Focus Group Testing

Test Automation for Games

User Experience Testing

QA Staffing

Game Testing Compatibility Metrics

Console Games Testing


Mobile Games testing

Mobile Devices

PC Web Games testing

Operating System

Handheld games testing

Gaming Platform

Testing Tool


Jira, Bugzilla and Devtrack

TRC / GFWL / PCTRC / Lotcheck

JMeter, Native Android SDK, Apple Xcode, Flight Builds, SilkMobile

Customer Proprietary Tools

Devices Competency

  • Mobile Devices: Android, Apple, Windows & BlackBerry
  • Console Gaming: PS 2, PS 3, PSP, X360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
  • PC/Laptops: Windows, Linux, Unix, OSX (Operating Systems) & IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera (Browsers)
  • Set top Box
  • Play TV
  • Casino Gaming

Key Objective of Our Game Testing Services

To level up the quality of a game by making its features sustainable in the market

Eliminate every single defect bound to degrade the user experience

Follow Industry best practices to bring remarkable value to the customers and the gaming users

Ensuring Quality to every detail within the game to continuously improve use satisfaction

Why choose us?

  • We offer end-to-end testing services encompassing all your testing needs in a one-stop-shop model Viz. Functionality, Usability, Compliance, Compatibility, Localization, Milestone checklist, Destructive, Hacking and Security, Automation
  • Zero CapEx for your device needs – We already have an exhaustive collection of devices and are up-to-date on new launches including Play Stations
  • We have demonstrated capability to cater to Rapid Ramp-up/Team Scale-up needs – Case study of 2 member team ramping up to over 100 test engineers in about a Quarter
  • We have flexible team forming models to manage team ramp-ups and ramp-downs
  • We have helped our customers to reduce Quarterly release cycle efforts by up to 50%
  • Our teams are enabled to work in multiple shifts to cater to the needs of the project – Especially to work in client’s preferred time-zone to enable close coordination between development studio and QA team


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